Note, all Red Matter tools have unlimited uses.

Red matter

Red Matter is used to create Tier 2 power items. Red Matter has an EMC value of 204,800.

Red Matter can be used to create the following tools:

Red Matter Pick Redmatter pic

Red Matter Sword Redmattersword

Red Matter Shovel Redmattershovel

Red Matter Axe Redmatteraxe

Red Matter Hammer Redmatterhammer

Red Matter Hoe Redmatterhoe

Red Matter Shears Redmattshears

Red Katar Redkatar

Red Morningstar Redmorningstar

Transmutation for Idiots

1 Red Matter = 3,200 stacks of cobblestone/dirt/sand/etc, 800 of Iron Ingots, 25 of Diamonds

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